Mixing & Use
Marconite Premix

Marconite® is a dark grey, granular material that replaces traditional sand and aggregate materials used within concretes mixes. It should be mixed in the ratio of 3 parts of Marconite® to 1 part cement by weight with the addition of 1 litre of water per 4 Kg of total mix, i.e.:

    3 x 25 Kg bags of Marconite
    1 x 25 Kg bag of Cement
    25 litres (25 Kg) of water

When mixed as described above, it forms a relatively dry material with an ‘as poured’ density of around 1300 Kg / m³. The water content may be adjusted as the application requires, but this will affect the concretes final compressive strength and the drying times accordingly. Typically Marconite® concretes are touch dry within hours but can be several days before being fully cured.

Marconite® is chemically inert with very low soluble sulphate content. It can be used with all conventional types of cement, as well as most proprietary resin-based cements, adhesives and gypsum plasters.

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