Mixing & Use
Marconite Premix

Marconite is designed, developed and manufactured specifically for use in electrical earthing. This results in a number of unique benefits:

    • Low resistivity:0.001 ohm.m is extremely low when compared to
    Bentonite's 3 ohm.m

    • Versatile: suitable for most ground conditions and becomes a
    permanent, solid structure that it is not prone to shrinking, drying
    out or being washed away

    • Cost effective: it is a permanent solution; there is no need to
    remove and replace or ‘maintain’ it with additional water / salts
    every few years in order to achieve the desired earth values

    • Chemically inert: is non-corrosive to steel or copper, does not
    attack cement structures and has a pH within the neutral range

    • High strength: can be used as part of the building structure itself
    and can achieve strengths higher than Grade 25 concrete

    • Easy to use: forms a concrete like material that from first pour,
    achieves a low resistance earth, no need to wait or return to test.

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